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Life In The Garden

Life In The Garden
July 29, 2016 Julie Canales

IMG_6518Being in the garden has brought so much joy into my life. I’m also blown away by the daily teachings it gives me about life in general. I feel a sort of pride and ownership when I make a salad in which three quarters of the bowl I actually grew. In my head, I compare this to the way a parent must feel on their childs first day of school, or when they say something cute or funny in front of a friend. Like, “I did that.” And yes, I know parents are probably thinking “she has no idea.” But, I don’t own these things just because I threw some soil, compost, water (and a lot of love) in a box, just like parents don’t really own their children, just because they made some love, even if it took a lot of work to grow them.  Like children,  I am realizing that I am just here to facilitate magic and the miracle that is life, to make sure it all goes okay and, not only that, but to show it some damn respect along the way, try my best to protect it, let it do it’s thing, and see what happens. I imagine that this is the only way to be when you have a child of your own, otherwise it can really end up being a little disappointing. You can do all that you thought was the best, and they are still going to do what they are going to do. Cucumbers do the same.

You’ll be shown what you need to know, either way.


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