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S U N D A Y . W A L K S

S U N D A Y . W A L K S
January 18, 2016 Julie Canales

Relationships can be so beautiful. They can also challenge every fiber of your being.

The latter brought me to the decision to go for a long walk through my new ‘hood of Eagle Rock. I wonder now if this is what my moms spontaneous ” Come on girls. We are going for a drive today,” had to do with.

Anyhow, I love L.A.  Especially this back side of it. The houses, the dirt, the citrus trees everywhere, the colors. Here’s what I saw:

IMG_3616IMG_3624IMG_3604IMG_3607 (1)IMG_3608IMG_3612IMG_3613IMG_3618

I came back feeling so good, I might make this a ritual. If I had questioned at all whether leaving were the right thing to do, I know now for sure that it was.

Note to self:  When in doubt, step outside.




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