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The Alternative Taco/Burrito/Wrap

The Alternative Taco/Burrito/Wrap
February 8, 2015 juliejaguar

Who doesn’t love a taco? Or a burrito for that matter? I’m sure there’s some freak of nature out there that doesn’t and I will never understand them. NEVER! These are the people who probably have never liked cheese, or a greasy tortilla – and I both applaud you and shed a tear for you. Okay, I’m rambling but- I did originally have a point here and that is : a greasy tortilla ( especially the mini ones from the tiny little taco stands here in LA), and that sprinkle of cheese are really what I have been addicted to, maybe not exactly the whole taco, and I am realizing I can still enjoy a taco without this.
This version I made felt and tasted good going down and that’s a double bonus!


All I needed was:
-Butter lettuce (or romaine)
-1/2 tomato
-1/2 cucumber
-a few slices red onion
-chicken breast (marinated in a lil’ salt, pepper, lime, and olive oil- that I threw on my Foreman
– avocado
-homemade “ranch” spread (plain Greek yogurt,green onion,cilantro,salt,pepper,tiny squeeze of lemon all in food processor)
– salt, as you wish- or not

I simply laid out the lettuce-I used butter lettuce-, spread a little dollop of ranch on each piece, and simply added all of the rest of the ingredients.
* I always use organic free range chicken and organic produce, and pink Himalayan sea salt.

It’s simple, I know. That’s all I’m trying to show with this one (aside from the fact that I can still enjoy tacos); how simple it can be. Being on a candida, shmandida, diet- whatever it is that you think is going to be hard or unsatisfying is anything but if you just change your mindset about it.
Keep eating your tacos! They’re good for you!



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